Is it all in your head?

Bill Germanakos – Season 4 Champion – NBC’s The Biggest Loser

The most common question asked of me since returning from my stay on The Biggest Loser Ranch is “What did you learn while you were there?” Well, the answer might surprise some of you.  The most significant and important things that I learned while going through this most difficult of endeavors included the knowledge that I had done this to myself, that I was loaded with excuses, and that I had an addiction to food.  It was also pointed out to me that I struggled with depression, which created these addictions in the first place. 
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Memory Training: Does it Really Work?

Our own “Memory Expert” Dr. Cynthia Green says that while the practice of revving up our recall has been around since ancient times, scientific evidence for the impact of such training on memory performance has not. Now, as baby boomers age into “senior moments” and the new brain fitness market emerges as a result, research interest in proving the utility of memory training is likewise on the move.

Of course, memory training has been the subject of many studies over the past several decades. However, most of those studies were small interventional research trials done in a lab or classroom. In addition, many of the ways we train ourselves to remember better don’t really need to be studied; Do we really require proof that lists help us remember what we need to do, or that keeping a calendar will boost our memory for appointments? 
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“Open Enrollment” and “Fall Wellness Screenings” time is quickly approaching !!!

As you and your Benefits / HR staff consider the best ways to engage your employee population and bolster participation in your screenings and other corporate wellness Initiatives, consider our featured speaker on Corporate Wellness, Bill Germanakos, season 4 champion of NBC’s hit reality weight loss show The Biggest Loser.  Referred to by Employee Benefit News as “Mr. Wellness”, Bill has presented his personal success story (which began with a wellness screen at his job) to hundreds of audiences as part of his sponsors’ Corporate Wellness initiatives, and has issued his call to action and personal challenge to effect change to thousands of employees from every walk of like and in most every industry. 
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