Healthcare Reform is Far From featuring Dr. Aaron Carroll

Our own Dr. Aaron Carroll, reports on ‘what the health care ruling means to you’ in a news breaking piece on

In some ways, politically, this may have been what the president and Congress wanted, but couldn’t get. They feared making the mandate a tax back when they were passing health care reform. That was because “tax” is a four-letter word in American discourse. So instead, they made it a penalty. But the court decided it was a tax anyway, meaning that Democrats got their desired outcome without having to make an undesirable argument.

Since the mandate is constitutional under taxing power, the other arguments related to it went away.
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Consider the Conversation co-Producers choose Speakers On Healthcare

Speakers On Healthcare is proud to announce the exclusive signing of Mike Bernhagen and Terry Kaldhusdal. Motivated by personal experiences with the loss of loved ones, Mike – a curative healthcare business development professional turned hospice advocate – and Terry – an award winning documentary filmmaker and former State Teacher of the Year – decided to join forces on Consider the Conversation-A Documentary on a Taboo Subject. This award winning project sheds light on the 21st century American struggle with communication and preparation at life’s end. Consider the Conversation examines multiple perspectives on end-of-life care and includes information and experiences gathered from interviews with patients, family members, doctors, nurses, clergy, social workers, and national experts from around the country.
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