Anti-Inflammatory Diets – Improve Health, Increase Vitality & Live Longer!

We recently asked our own medical expert Dr. Melina Jampolis to discuss for our readers the role of inflammation in our bodies and how an anti-inflamatory diet improves health. In her own words, she says that inflammation may be one of the hottest topics in health today, and for good reason. It’s at the root of just about every disease. How you live your life (i.e. couch potato), your environment (i.e. airborne pollutants) and what you eat determine your risk of developing inflammation. Inflammation is your body’s response to stress. Failure to take care of your body increases the stress and, consequently, inflammation.
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To Notice is Normal, to Innovate is Priceless..

We share the following email that was sent to us by Kevin and Jackie Freiberg:

While doing the closing keynote for HFMA (Heathcare Financial Management Association) we met Anthony Stanowski, Vice President Healthcare Industry Relations, ARAMARK. Our innovation message, “Notice, Lead and Disrupt,” inspired Anthony to share a powerful example of how a service worker saved a patient’s life because she NOTICED, LED and DISRUPTED a potential tragedy. Read Anthony’s post of the incident. Take Aways…
•  One person can make a difference;
•  No matter what you do for a living, your work is meaningful and adds value;
•  Training pays, in this case the ROI is priceless;
•  Training people to NOTICE (waste, redundancy, opportunity, and yes, even patient/customer abnormality) is huge and telling their story will inspire more!
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Dr. Hammerschlag Keynotes ID Hospital Association

Last week Dr. Carl Hammerschlag spoke to the Idaho Hospital Association at the Sun Valley Resort in Ketchum, Idaho. He told an audience of hospital execs that it didn’t make any difference who won next month’s Presidential election because nothing could stop the cultural shift from the current healthcare model based on intervention to a new model of delivery based on prediction and prevention.

Dr. Hammerschlag spoke about the importance of healing in community; healing is about becoming whole, being restored to health, and community is a place where people gather to share their hopes and dreams. A community welcomes/ encourages/honors each individual’s unique contributions and where all support common goals.
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DOCUMENTARY NEW RELEASE: ESCAPE FIRE: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare

Vince Poscente, one of our esteemed speakers, shared his review of the documentary and we asked permission to share it with our readers.

Escape Fire is a term and a documentary. Both are worth knowing about, and just might be the incentive you need.

The term, “escape fire” is an intentional fire ignited by a fire crew, usually in a forest or grassland, to escape a dangerous situation. If a forest-fire crew realizes they might die in an oncoming fire, they can survive by burning out an immediate area, so the original fire can burn past them.

Then, there’s the Escape Fire documentary.
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