Traumatic Brain Injury – 4 Things You Should Know

March is National Brain Injury Awareness Month, and it’s a great time to learn more about a brain health issue that can affect any of us at any time, no matter our age, gender or athletic ability. March is now upon us, leaving us with some last licks on skis and skates. Spring sports season is coming and high school sports practices are getting started.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI), also known as concussion or closed head injury, is a major public health concern. The Centers for Disease Control report between 1.7 and 3.8 million cases of TBI in the United States occur annually.

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The Reinvention of Retirement by Dr. Bruce Clark

Even though we didn’t go flying over the “fiscal cliff” and the “debt ceiling” hasn’t caved in, as 10,000 baby boomers per day slam into the life-stage we mistakenly call “retirement” …the anxiety level is palpable. Experts have been skeptical of the baby boomers ability to prepare for retirement since birth. Coming of age in the prosperous decades of the 50’s and 60’s, the consensus opinion was that unlike their “save, save, save,” oriented parents, the boomers were profligate spenders, with little or no appetite to plan or save for a future that seemed a long way off.

The experts were right!
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Voice of Caregiving Conference to Give Caregivers Information

Jane Gross, the founder of the NY Times’s New Old Age blog, is set to keynote “The Voice of Aging: Family Caregiver’s Conference” in Indianapolis, IN.  The symposium will not only help with advice for the caregivers, but it will also provide access to some of the best resources available. According to AARP, there are over 42 million unpaid family caregivers in the U.S. today.  Carol Applegate, the symposium founder talks about the conference on WTHR-TV
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6 Ways Physicians Can Control the First Page of Google

Google is the most common way current and prospective patients find more information about your practice. Do you know what’s in the first page of your search results? Research shows that less than 10 percent of searchers look beyond the first page, so it’s important to focus on your first-page presence.

Software Advice, a business that reviews medical software and provides business advice for physicians on their profitable practice blog, recently published an article on how this can be done. Here are a few of their tips to consider when developing an online reputation management strategy to help own the first page of Google:

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Lessons From A Heart Attack Survivor

Valentine’s Day. Those two words summon a lurch in my stomach and a flutter in my heart. Who among us has not suffered at least one disappointing February 14, our hearts shattered by an unappreciative or unrequited love? Some of us, however, take a broken heart to a whole other level. Literal heartbreak. I did.

Eighteen years ago, shortly before Valentine’s Day, my heart began to race chaotically and erratically fast. I got light-headed, passed out and then — I died. This is not an exaggeration. I have proof: a copy of my Medical Incident Report. Question 24 of the form asks, “Patient Condition on Arrival of First Fire Department Unit.” Two answer options are provided: (1) Alive, or (2) Dead.
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ACA – Reducing Hospital Readmissions and Healing in Community

Dr. Carl Hammerschlag, a community psychiatrist, and pioneer in the practical applications of the new mind/body/spirit medicine recently spoke at the annual Trustee’s Conference of the MN Hospital Assn about how to keep people out of hospitals, provide better healthcare and inspire people to become the principal agents in their own healing. The Affordable Care Act represents a paradigm shift in healthcare delivery. As a culture we are moving from an interventional model of care to one based on prediction and prevention.

Among the many changes will be an attempt to reduce hospital readmission rates. Section 3025 of the Affordable Care Act establishes a hospital readmission reduction program that will penalize hospitals for readmissions within days and weeks after discharge.
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