Could Epigenetics Prevent Cancer?

The field of epigenetics potentially offers individuals non-toxic therapies for the treatment and prevention of illnesses. Epigenetics is the study of those environmental forces that effect the expression of genes. This new field of science can empower individuals to become actively involved in their own health care by learning how to control the mind’s negative emotional patterns. The mind’s gift is creation and its curse is self-destruction.

Therefore, in learning skills to observe and change our thoughts, our beliefs and familial, psychological patterns, we have the potential to alter our inherited biology. This might account for the remarkable, spontaneous remissions that anecdotally appear in medical journals.
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Health care Reform Through Complementary & Alternative Medicine

– Saving Quality of Life & Our Economy

Complementary and Alternative medicine is not only evidence based, but the evidence for it’s healthcare cost savings is irrefutable. Our healthcare costs are out of control because we have a system based on Disease Management and not Health Care. Primary care should be prevention and wellness based, spotting and intervening on trends. 60% of all deaths are now due to chronic disease and it is all preventable. However, even according to JAMA the allopathic health system is not preventing it. Even worse 70-75% of all our health care dollars are being spent on preventable chronic disease and it’s bankrupting us.
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