Dr. Travis Speaks Out About Eating Out

In the March 2013 Issue of Men’s Health, Dr. Travis Stork’s featured article: “Lean Belly Restaurant Rules” delivers 5 rules that are sure to keep the body lean and healthy while eating out.  Choose the healthier option and stay on target for the summer months!  Read the article: Lean Belly Restaurant Rules: Stay fit while dining out.  In the article Dr. Travis speaks out about eating out. Consider Dr. Stork for your next meeting or event.  His program inspires audience members to feel empowered and teaches them how to take control of their health with the simplest of lifestyle changes.
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Online Health Communities Offer Support

We know that community is important, especially when we are struggling to better understand a diagnosis.  Once considered a water cooler discussion or coffee break question, has now turned into a Google search.  Online Health communities are increasing and offering support for questions and concerns that are daunting in the midnight hours, not to mention 9-5.  Here are a few that may be worth checking out:

DiabetesDaily.com is for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, as well as friends and family.  Readers can share their own stories with more than 93,000 members and find recipes, health news, and more.
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We Are All Losing It – Memory Loss

Dr. Carl Hammerschlag, community psychiatrist and award winning speaker/author, wrote this blog and we wanted to share it with our readers.  A new study sponsored by the National Institute on Aging predicted that 15% of people over the age of 70 will get dementia (NEJM, April 4, 2013). The cost to society both financially and in terms of human suffering is enormous. But just because you’re forgetting names, losing track in conversations, can’t remember where you left your keys does not mean you’re getting Alzheimer’s dementia.

The media and pharmaceutical company advertisements are telling us that if you’ve lost a bit of your edge better see your doctor because you could be suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s.
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Mother’s Day Gifts For Keeping Brain Healthy

Moms matter a lot to our brain health. In fact, there is growing evidence of the critical role moms play in our brain’s development during not only our prenatal but also our early childhood years.  Not to mention all the attention she paid to your diet, schooling and emotional growth (and may even to this day).

So what can you give to the woman who gave you the gift of a healthy mind? How about something to help her keep her own brain sharp and vital?

Click Here to preview Dr. Cynthia Green‘s ten favorite gift ideas for this Mother’s Day, all certain to keep your mom’s brain healthy and happy.
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