How To Avoid Mistakes in Aging

We all will age, no exceptions, however we can take counsel from Barbara Hannah Grufferman’s advice in her latest article for AARP. Life after 50 isn’t nearly as complicated as you might think. As the largest demographic group moves forward in life, it will wield a lot of power.  Barbara outlines the 7 biggest mistakes we make after 50, beginning with the “Fear of Aging” to “Losing Control”. She urges those over 50 to love yourself, love life, stay healthy, stay informed, stay engaged, keep a handle on your finances and you’ll have the best of everything.

For the full article, visit Barbara’s column at AARP.
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Dr. Aaron Carroll Says Obamacare Rollout A Disaster

In today’s CNN Opinion, Dr. Aaron Carroll states that the Obamacare rollout has been a disaster and that there is no excuse for it. Dr. Carroll checked out the website by reviewing exchange coverage available to him. He says problems at front end of the process make it hard to get even through the first step.  But that’s not all as the back end has issues with insurance firms getting garbled data. This means that automatic processing of the insurance plans being ordered is impossible.

Dr. Carroll surmises that if it’s really, really hard to complete an application, then only truly ill people may have the perseverance to do so. 
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Make Your Patient Service Monogrammed

Chip Bell, customer service loyalty speaker, consultant and author of the recently released The 91/2 Principles of Innovative Service provided a unique style of service in his September 2013 Caring Magazine article. We are printing an excerpt from the article that is applicable for our readers.  Chip says: Customers love “monogrammed” service.  It signals your deep devotion to them and your sincere respect for their uniqueness.  Monogramming service requires time and care; it cannot be a knee-jerk or fast-track response.  It is distinctive to your customer and it must always be authentic. Every year I get my annual physical.  It always starts with blood work preceded by overnight fasting.
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Dr. Stork Discusses Breast Cancer and Myths

In his book, The Doctor Is In, Dr Travis Stork discusses how cancer risk may be reduced by physical activity and diet.  He also talks about how physical activity may help increase quality of life, reduce adverse effects of cancer treatments and reduce the risk of developing other conditions, as cancer survivors are living longer and longer these days.  Also, studies suggest that physically active adults with colon or breast cancer have a reduced risk of the cancer recurring, or of premature death.

Breast cancer is a scary disease, so it’s not surprising that misconceptions can grow into myths. Robin Meade, of HLN TV talked with Dr.
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Electronic Health Records – A Roadmap To Health & Wellness

I am only one in a long line of voices in the medical information community that are disappointed in the developmental direction of our Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Personal Health Records. The current state-of-the-art Health Records are very narrowly focused, end-state static repositories of patient statistics; another way of phrasing this is that they are stand-alone soulless databases that do little to educate or guide a patient to a place of well-being. In response to this state of affairs, my focused interest, for the last few years, has been to develop an accessible and highly visual method of integrating these Electronic Health Records into an ecosystem of wellness plans and programs that contextualize the patient’s data and experiences.
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Brain Fitness: Cross Training The Brain

You’ve heard about the value of cross training your body, but what about your brain? SOH brain health expert Dr. Cynthia Green tells us why cross training is also critical to sharper performance and long term brain vitality, and how we can help ourselves and our clients cross train for better brain fitness.

Cross training is both a well-accepted and popular notion in the world of physical fitness. Increasingly, folks are starting to wonder whether the benefits of a cross training approach might not apply to brain training as well.

There is no question that any effective brain wellness program must include cross training.
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Employee Engagement & Service in Healthcare

In a recent article in Outpatient Surgery, Kenny Ellinger, RN, ADN, administrator of the Surgi-Center of Central Virginia in Fredericksburg, VA says, “Each interaction we have each day with patients and the members of their families has an impact. So it’s worthwhile for those interactions to be positive ones. ” Mr. Ellinger endorsed and encouraged this mindset since reading a motivational book his QA nurse brought him from a conference.inspired by one of our top rated speakers, Mark Sanborn, author of The Fred Factor: How Passion in Your Work and Life Can Turn the Ordinary into the Extraordinary. Mr. Ellinger is working on getting the rest of his staff on board.
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