Dr. Travis Stork – New Book Release

We are excited to announce Dr. Travis Stork’s newest book, The Doctor’s Diet – Restore Health & Lose Weight to be released on January 1, 2014.* Unhealthy eating is an epidemic and it very well may kill you! Finally, a flexible and workable diet plan is available that will help readers lose weight, restore health, prevent disease and add years to their lives.

The Doctor’s Diet is Dr. Travis Stork’s solution to unhealthy eating — a nationwide problem that contributes to a death toll higher than that of car accidents, drug abuse, smoking, and gun violence combined. Dr. Travis is genuinely concerned about what he considers to be a true crisis, so he created a flexible and workable diet plan that will help readers feel instantly more energetic and healthier while the pounds come off – ultimately, giving people the tools they need to extend their lives and live them to the fullest potential.
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Dying Getting in the Way of Health Reform?

“Perfect health is the slowest way to die.”

Apparently many medical students learn this bromide early in their education. It simply points out that none of us are getting out of here – alive. It also points out that as good as our health care system may be technologically our view of dying exacerbates our health cost problem. If we keep you alive today by some expensive medical therapy – you will die tomorrow of something even more expensive to treat.

If we were really interested in controlling health care costs we would encourage smoking, overeating, and other risky behaviors.  Cost control works best if we actually reduce life expectancy. 
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From The ER: Six Life Saving Lessons

Dr. Travis Stork, ER Doc and co-host of the Emmy-award winning show,  THE DOCTORS shared life saving lessons with Prevention Magazine this month.

On his first night as an attending physician, moonlighting in the ER of a rural southern hospital, Travis Stork, MD, got his first postgraduate lesson in life and death. “A father frantically ran into the ER carrying a young boy who was unresponsive and barely breathing,” recalls Dr. Stork, the Emmy-nominated cohost of the award-winning talk show The Doctors and the author of The Lean Belly Prescription. When the child’s breathing became more faint and his lips started turning blue, Dr.
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C-Suite Against Cancer

On a recent flight, I was perusing the in-flight magazine and was intrigued with the article by the above title, written by Stephanie Taylor.  In it, she asked Ronald Nelson, chairman and CEO of Avis Budget Group and a member of CEOs Against Cancer three questions.   One, in particular, caught my eye: “What are some of the anticancer initiatives you have implemented at Avis Budget?” Mr. Nelson responded with: “All of our facilities in the U.S. are now tobacco free.  If you are a smoker in our health care plan, you pay a premium.  If you don’t want to pay that premium, you have to agree to sign up for a smoking cessation program. 
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Stress Relief: Write Your Way To Holiday Peace

Despite the fact that life tends to get busier during the holidays, it can be a great time to make or renew your commitment to keeping a journal. Strong emotions tend to come up during the holidays and writing about them can help you process what’s going on, understand what you are feeling, and come to terms with it. It’s a fantastic stress reliever and often leads to a deep sense of peace, even if you’re not writing about something peaceful.  The reason? As Philippa Perry says in How To Stay Sane, “Our stories give shape to our inchoate, disparate, fleeting impressions of everyday life.
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Dr. Stork Connects Diabetes Prevention To Healthy Weight

Dr. Stork DiabetesDr. Travis Stork addresses how a healthy weight optimizes your health, in particular the prevention of diabetes in his book: “The Doctor Is In.” He quotes the following stats from the National Institutes of Health:

~ A healthy weight reduces your risk for type 2 diabetes.  More than 85 percent of people with type 2 diabetes are overweight.

~ The Diabetes Prevention Program, a large clinical study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, found that losing just 5 to 7 percent of your body weight and doing moderate-intensity exercise for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, may prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes.
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