2013 – The Year Medical Fixes Got Busted

Dr. Aaron Carroll said that lifestyle changes are just as effective for reducing your chances of dying from heart disease, stroke and diabetes as drugs were. Yet we spend billions of dollars on such drugs. In his latest CNN Opinion article he also states that the FDA has also made news this year by banning things we once thought were good for us. He concludes that we don’t spend nearly enough on public health measures that could make much more of a difference. We have no problem subsidizing the cost of drugs, but we’d hardly consider subsidizing exercise or dieting at the same levels.
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Healing Healthcare In America – It’s About Healing Connections

Dr. Carl Hammerschlag Speaks Out… These are times of uncertainty and anxiety in healthcare delivery in America. The botched rollout of the Affordable Care Act has been a problem, but like it or not some form of it is here to stay. The ACA has provided the impetus for a cultural shift in healthcare delivery from an economically unaffordable interventional model (ERs, tests, and procedures) to one that focuses on prediction and prevention.

I applaud this paradigm shift; never in the history of medicine have great advances against disease come from providing more doctors, doing more procedures, and prescribing more drugs.
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Healing Healthcare In America – Sacred Work

Stanley Hupfeld Speaks Out… Perhaps one of my most valuable life lessons was learned while serving in Viet Nam. My rank was lieutenant and my job title (MOS in military lingo) was Battalion Surgeon Assistant. In that role I was responsible for a platoon of medics.  These young men were the individuals who, with a company of infantry, went out every day with a cross on their chest and no gun, to confront the enemy.  My experience was that they performed brilliantly, often with great courage.

As part of their command structure I was responsible for making their difficult job as easy as possible. 
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Healing Healthcare In America – Cost & Quality Issues

Dr. Aaron Carroll Speaks Out… We live in the richest, most well-resourced country in the history of the world. We also spend more on health care, both per person and in total, than any other country. Even so, our health care system is lacking – severely. Recently, the OECD released their latest report comparing health care systems around the world, and the US did not fare well.

Our life expectancy at birth was 26th among the 40 countries compared. Our infant mortality rate was higher than all but 9 of those countries. Even in areas we think we shine, we don’t do that well.
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“Your Best Brain Ever: A Complete Guide and Workout,” Book Featured By the WSJ

Your Best Brain Ever: A Complete Guide and Workout was selected by the Wall Street Journal in the category of “top guides to life after 50 for 2013.” The WSJ featured books that brought tested strategies and sound advice about how to live healthier, happier lives in the year-and years-ahead.  We are excited to announce that our expert on brain health, Dr. Cynthia Green, is the co-author of of the featured book.

On the topic of Mental Gymnastics they had this to say: And don’t forget to exercise your mind. “Our brain’s health may be the most powerful indicator of how long you will live,” begins Your Best Brain Ever: A Complete Guide and Workout is a research-filled yet highly approachable guide to the scientific why and the practical how of keeping your brain in top shape whatever your age.
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Three Tips For Managing Holiday Expectations

Holiday expectationsThe holidays are a time when we have visions of sugar plums (as well as car commercials in which husbands buy their wives European luxury vehicles topped with big, shiny, red bows) dancing in our heads. It is a time loaded with expectations, and not the reasonable variety. Yes, our kids might write a three-page letter to Santa outlining all of their Christmas requests, and we see that their needs are a bit excessive. However, very often we have similar laundry lists of expectations that impact our ability to enjoy the season. Did I lose you there? Did you just say to yourself: but Tracey, all I want is to be with my family and be happy?
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