“Your Best Brain Ever: A Complete Guide and Workout,” Book Featured By the WSJ

Your Best Brain Ever: A Complete Guide and Workout was selected by the Wall Street Journal in the category of “top guides to life after 50 for 2013.” The WSJ featured books that brought tested strategies and sound advice about how to live healthier, happier lives in the year-and years-ahead.  We are excited to announce that our expert on brain health, Dr. Cynthia Green, is the co-author of of the featured book.

On the topic of Mental Gymnastics they had this to say: And don’t forget to exercise your mind. “Our brain’s health may be the most powerful indicator of how long you will live,” begins Your Best Brain Ever: A Complete Guide and Workout is a research-filled yet highly approachable guide to the scientific why and the practical how of keeping your brain in top shape whatever your age. The authors’ “fitness regimen” for maintaining neural health through the decades can be summarized as: use your brain matter, or risk losing it. But they also provide numerous practical strategies for maintaining neuroplasticity—essentially, the ability to keep on learning and adapting—primarily through continued social, intellectual and physical engagement, but also via numerous “brain booster” exercises. Read complete article.

DR. CYNTHIA GREEN, is a nationally recognized expert in memory fitness and brain health, respected keynoter, and acclaimed author of several books on brain health.  Her keynotes and workshops are featured on Speakers On Healthcare.