Pat O’Brien: Addiction and Recovery

How many times have we seen and heard about celebrities suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol and then relapsing after spending time in rehab – too many, I’m afraid. In his memoir just out, “I’ll Be Right Back After This”, Sportscaster and TV celebrity host, Pat O’Brien, tells of his numerous attempts to overcome his addictions.  O’Brien recently told People Magazine (Sept, 1, 2014) that he had hit bottom and almost died, and his last stint in rehab in 2008 taught him to be honest with himself. He is now six years sober and goes to twice-daily AA meetings. 
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Mental Illness: Time to Remove The Stigma

Robin William’s death by suicide is just another sign that we need to address mental illness. Luckily more celebrities are stepping up and speaking out about mental health, including Meredith Baxter on substance abuse, LaDonna Gatlin on attempted suicide, John Larroquette on addiction, Susan Ford Bales on substance abuse and author Terri Cheney on Bipolar Disorder to name a few.

The time has come for our society to realize that we have an epidemic.  There are more people than ever suffering from mental illness and the National Institute of Mental Health says that suicide now kills twice as many people as homicides. 
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