Celebrities Speak on Heart Health for Women

Barbra Streisand is the latest celebrity to raise awareness of women and heart disease. It is the nation’s number 1 killer and has not gotten the attention that many other diseases, such as cancer have, she says. The fact is that a woman dies every minute from heart disease and it actually kills more women than all cancers combined.   Streisand, to her credit, has created an organization, Women’s Heart Alliance, which has initiated a study on how heart disease affects women. Because the symptoms appear differently in women than men, many women are unaware of their risks and also that they may have heart disease. A woman experiencing  heart disease may get pain in their back and jaw instead of their chest or left side as men do. More information about the study from the Women’s Heart Alliance appeared in USA TODAY, November 13, 2014.

Another celebrity with her own personal story of heart disease is President Ford’s daughter, Susan Ford Bales, who suffered cardiac arrest while exercising.  She is also an advocate for raising awareness of women and heart disease and told her personal story in Michigan last year.  Susan Bale’s outcome was good, however she says that this was unexpected and she urged women to check out their risk factors, get tested and speak to their doctors. Learn more about Susan Bale here.