Meredith Baxter’s new memoir hits best-seller list

Meredith Baxter’s book, “Untied: A Memoir of Family, Fame and Floundering,” hit the Publisher’s Weekly best-seller list  Her incredible journey tells about her challenges facing breast cancer, battling substance abuse and domestic violence, her experiences as an entrepreneur and finally her “coming out” as a lesbian.  Her upbeat winning style is not only reflected in her memoir, but also in her speeches to audiences around the country.
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Haves, Have-Nots and Healthcare

Featured in the NY Times-Business section, Dr. Aaron Carroll concludes with: “If we’re going to spend way more than any other country on health care, then we should absolutely, positively have the best health care system in the world. We don’t.”

Dr. Carroll highlights data from the journal Health Affairs that shows that even households with above-average income often struggle to afford the medical care they want. He writes: “It’s not just that more people in the U.S. report access issues because of cost than any other country. It’s that even those with “above average” incomes experience these barriers. In fact, more people with “above average” incomes in the U.S.
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