Accelerating Cancer Treatment

Re-Posted from John Patrick’s Blog on Accelerating Cancer Treatment…I remember being at a technology conference in 1999 when teenagers Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning demonstrated a digital music service called Napster. It was the beginning of a revolution, and it made a lot of sense to me. The rock group Metallica sued Napster in 2000 and the momentum of music sharing slowed – temporarily. I never saw the problem as theft. I saw it as an industry unwilling to give up the status quo and give consumers a way to purchase music. It took Steve Jobs, the iPod, and iTunes to ignite major growth in digital music.
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Food As Medicine

Buckwheat honey for a cough, peppermint for IBS, turmeric for arthritis, Chia seeds for high cholesterol, salmon for inflamation…“I think most people think food can’t possibly be as potent as drugs, but I see the powerful direct benefits all the time,” said Dr. Melina Jampolis, in a recent discussion with CNN and posted in an article on A small, growing number of physicians are “prescribing” foods not only for weight management, but also to prevent and treat chronic diseases and CNN spoke with medical nutrition experts to unearth the specific foods they recommend. And you don’t have to be a chef or nutritionist to take advantage of these healthy choices.
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Breast Cancer Is Not A Pink Ribbon – Darryle Pollack on Huffington Post

In a recent Huffington Post article, Darryle Pollack paid tribute to Barbie Ritzco who signed up to be a Marine, to be on the front lines fighting America’s battles, not on the front lines fighting breast cancer. In February 2011, she was diagnosed with Stage IIIB Breast Cancer, four months after being deployed to Afghanistan.

On September 26, 2014, cancer swallowed up Barbie Ritzco at age 39, cutting short a remarkable life. Her loss has hit hard. It’s hard to accept that even for the toughest and worthiest warriors, battle metaphors don’t quite fit the truths of cancer.

Barbie taught other truths of cancer along the way.
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New Technology – No Cancer Left Behind

A team of scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and the University of Arizona in Tucson led by Samuel Achilefu have created a pair of high-tech glasses that help surgeons visualize cancer cells during surgeries, which glow when viewed through the eyewear. The technology, reported in the SPIE Journal of Biomedical Optics, incorporates custom video and a head-mounted display that is capable of capturing signal from any fluorescent molecular agent injected into a patient that attaches to cancer cells, making them glow. Achilefu, a professor of radiology and of biomedical engineering at WUSTL and co-leader of the Oncologic Imaging Program at Siteman Cancer Center, and his team developed the technology that incorporates custom video, a head-mounted display, and a targeted molecular agent injected into a patient that attaches to cancer cells, making them glow.
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C-Suite Against Cancer

On a recent flight, I was perusing the in-flight magazine and was intrigued with the article by the above title, written by Stephanie Taylor.  In it, she asked Ronald Nelson, chairman and CEO of Avis Budget Group and a member of CEOs Against Cancer three questions.   One, in particular, caught my eye: “What are some of the anticancer initiatives you have implemented at Avis Budget?” Mr. Nelson responded with: “All of our facilities in the U.S. are now tobacco free.  If you are a smoker in our health care plan, you pay a premium.  If you don’t want to pay that premium, you have to agree to sign up for a smoking cessation program. 
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Live Each Day To Its Fullest – A Cancer Survivor’s Story

The other week, I attended the Bat Mitzvah of a family friend. This event was a milestone not only for the thirteen-year-old girl being celebrated, but for her dad, who is living with an advanced and aggressive colon cancer. He made a vow to make it to this important day – and he did.  The minute the service began, most of us in the congregation began to cry. Here was this luminous girl, leading the service with clarity and confidence – which is difficult under normal circumstances. But she had to do her Hebrew learning and mitzvah preparations while living in a house where cancer was an ever-present menace. 
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Do We Need A New Definition of Cancer

“We need a 21st-century definition of cancer instead of a 19th-century definition of cancer, which is what we’ve been using,” said Dr. Otis W. Brawley, the chief medical officer for the American Cancer Society, who was not directly involved in the report.

A group of experts advising the nation’s premier cancer research institution has recommended changing the definition of cancer and eliminating the word from some common diagnoses as part of sweeping changes in the nation’s approach to cancer detection and treatment.

The recommendations, from a working group of the National Cancer Institute, were published on Monday in The Journal of the American Medical Association.
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