Dr. Stork Discusses Mindful Eating And Its Impact On Your Health

We’ve all done it: eaten something so fast that we don’t even taste it! In his latest NY Times best-selling book: The Doctor’s Diet, Dr. Travis Stork offers 10 Food Prescriptions for Optimal Health. Number 1 on his list is mindful eating.

If you can’t remember what food you had at your last meal, you probably ate it mindlessly, without thinking or noticing how it tasted or how your body reacted to it!  If you can open your mind and become fully aware of food and its impact on your health and your life, everything else you do will be easier.
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Dr. Travis Stork “Addicted To Sugar Quiz”

The Doctor's Diet Dr. Travis Stork
Dr. Travis says he is not sure if it’s because of genetics or just the way we’re raised, but it definitely seems that some people are more likely to become addicted to sugar than others. How do you rate? Are you someone who wakes up in a sweat after dreaming of chocolate cream pie? Are you immune to sugar-can you easily say “no thanks” to candy, cookies, and desserts? Or are you, like most people, somewhere in the middle? Take this quiz to find out where you stand. Select the answer that most closely fits each questions.
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Improving Health & Well-Being in the Workforce

Earlier this year I attended an event on Health & Wellness called “360 Degrees of Healthy,” where Dr. Travis Stork was keynoting and I was introduced to another presenter David Hoke from Walmart. David has spent the last 20+ years focusing on measurably improving the health and well-being of the workforce and its impact on business performance. With his permission, I have included my top 5 take-aways from his speech, believing it would be helpful to others looking to create an atmosphere of wellness in their organizations:

~ Well-being is bigger than physical health

~ Build a movement – don’t offer a program

~ People follow people – not information

~ Trust + Authentic + Relevant = Results

~ Health is contagious

And to cap off his presentation he said: “Healthcare is NOT the answer, Healthy Living is!” Kudos, to David Hoke, and others who are tackling the wellness and prevention model for our communities.
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From The ER: Six Life Saving Lessons

Dr. Travis Stork, ER Doc and co-host of the Emmy-award winning show,  THE DOCTORS shared life saving lessons with Prevention Magazine this month.

On his first night as an attending physician, moonlighting in the ER of a rural southern hospital, Travis Stork, MD, got his first postgraduate lesson in life and death. “A father frantically ran into the ER carrying a young boy who was unresponsive and barely breathing,” recalls Dr. Stork, the Emmy-nominated cohost of the award-winning talk show The Doctors and the author of The Lean Belly Prescription. When the child’s breathing became more faint and his lips started turning blue, Dr.
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