Mobile Devices for Better Health

In a recent article, Healthcare Selfies: Consumers Go Mobile for Better Health, Dr. John Patrick features mobile devices for consumers to monitor their health. One such device is AliveCor. It has a heart monitor that attaches to the back of an iPhone and creates a 30-second EKG. A team of engineers at Cornell University has developed a smartphone camera attachment that takes a photo of a single drop of blood that a consumer has placed on a strip, and in a matter of seconds a colorimetric analysis displays cholesterol level. Read the article for additional devices. The pace of mHealth adoption will accelerate; self-monitoring and self-diagnosis are here to stay.
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Food As Medicine

Buckwheat honey for a cough, peppermint for IBS, turmeric for arthritis, Chia seeds for high cholesterol, salmon for inflamation…“I think most people think food can’t possibly be as potent as drugs, but I see the powerful direct benefits all the time,” said Dr. Melina Jampolis, in a recent discussion with CNN and posted in an article on A small, growing number of physicians are “prescribing” foods not only for weight management, but also to prevent and treat chronic diseases and CNN spoke with medical nutrition experts to unearth the specific foods they recommend. And you don’t have to be a chef or nutritionist to take advantage of these healthy choices.
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Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivor…


“Tracey, you have to go help. You know what to do!”

Hearing my friend’s urgent statement and feeling her shove on my shoulder, my first impulse was to whirl around denying, “Not me! I’m no expert.” But I was already out of my chair making my way through the patio tables and gawking patrons. A woman was leaning in distress over her slumped and unresponsive elderly companion. Another concerned diner was holding the birdlike lady in a bear hug from behind, his arms locked below her ribcage, delivering his best version of the Heimlich maneuver.

“Has someone called 911?” was my emphatic entry into the fracas.
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February Is Heart Month: Share the Love for the Heart-Brain Connection

February is American Heart Month, and it’s a great time to once again focus our thoughts on what is without doubt the brain’s favorite valentine, the heart.

Why does heart health matter so much to our intellectual wellness? The relationship between cardiovascular function and our brain health is well established. Numerous studies have shown over and again that the same factors known to impact cardiac health, such as physical activity, weight and stress, also play a significant role in determining dementia risk. The robustness of this relationship is strong and clear, and many of us know that what is good for our heart is good for our brain as well.
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10 Tips For A Healthy Heart from Dr. Stork

In his latest NY Times Best seller, The Doctor’s Diet, Dr. Travis Stork remarks on how little we appreciate the work our heart does for each of us. Every day it pumps about 100,000 times. Try squeezing your hand 100,000 (or 100 times!) and you’ll start to respect the amount of work your heart does every minute of every day.  Using about the amount of pressure it would take you to squeeze a tennis ball, the muscles in your heart push your entire blood volume – about 6 quarts total – throughout your body three times every minute.  Heart disease is more than a statistic in his ER world. 
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Valentine’s “Heart” Day Tips from Dr. Melina

It is estimated that by 2020, heart disease will be the leading cause of death throughout the world. Dr. Melina Jampolis offers suggestions in her book, The Calendar Diet, that might change the course of the future of heart disease.

Her Valentine’s “Heart” Day, tips:

If your sweetheart is taking you out for a special dinner, go with a lower carb breakfast and/or lunch. Then, skip the breadbasket at dinner and say no thanks to the heavy starch entrees like pasta so you can save room for dessert and/or a glass of wine.  It’s completely okay to politely ask your valentine to skip the chocolates this year. 
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Healthy Hearts, Healthy Minds: A Brain Fitness Valentine

While it may be cold outside, February offers many ways to warm our hearts. This second month of the year brings us not only the romance of Valentine’s Day, but also marks American Heart Month. What better time to pause and consider why having a healthy mind is all about having a healthy heart as well?

Health professionals have long recognized the strong, intricate relationship between cardiovascular disease and memory impairment. Yet few of the folks I speak to who worry about memory loss realize that vascular-related diseases are actually the second leading cause of dementia in the U.S. In addition, brain injury from stroke is the leading cause of disability and the third leading cause of death in the U.S.
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