Skills of Senior Citizens – An Untapped Resource

by Stanley Hupfeld

George Bush, Sr. parachuted from an airplane to celebrate his 90th birthday. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson continued to write thoughtful political discourse 50 years after they signed the Declaration of Independence.

A recent Governor’s conference explored opportunities how best to serve senior citizens, both medically and physically.  I suspect most people would like to live a long life well into their 90’s, disease free, with fully functioning mental capacity, simply failing to wake up one morning.

Unfortunately, far too many seniors have exactly the opposite reality.  They die in nursing homes, lonely, forgotten, surrounded by strangers, with diminished physical and mental capabilities. 
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Dr. Cynthia Green’s 2014 Brain Health Gift Guide

Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list can be difficult, so we are sharing Dr. Cynthia Green‘s “2014 Brain Healthy Gift Guide” to keep your holidays stress-free. She is always on the look out for cool and fun ways keep you, your family and friends brain healthy, and what better way to celebrate the season than with a gift to boost the brainpower of those on your list? From your boss to your spouse, mom or mom-in-law, kids, grandkids and all those folks in between, each can use a way to maximize their intellectual potential.

Here’s this year’s “top 10” list for brain healthy gifts, plus a few extras for good measure.

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Employees As Caregivers – Employers Take Note

November is National Family Caregiver Month. Where do you expect to find family caregivers? In hospitals, nursing homes and seniors communities, right? Looking after their aging loved ones with an illness or disability? Absolutely.

But guess where else you’ll find the nearly 70 million caregivers in America? In the workplace – in our large corporations and in our small businesses, in cubicles answering phones and in corner offices chairing meetings, on assembly lines handling merchandise and in cars en route to servicing clients.

There are 30 million households providing care for a family member, and that number is expected to double in the next 25 years as our population continues to age.
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Brain Science from Dr. Cynthia Green

The focus on this month’s brain science report, from Dr. Cynthia Green, features the benefits of keeping busy, both at work and online:

BRAIN SCIENCE: Your Brain @ Work: Challenging Work May Reduce Dementia Risk
German researchers conducting a review of the literature found that a work environment that offers a rich intellectual experience, engagement with others, work with data as well as a high degree of job control may lower risk for dementia later in life. A systematic review of the literature resulted in 17 studies qualifying for inclusion in their analysis. Their findings, published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine,suggest that our work environment may play a protective role in brain health.
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“Your Best Brain Ever: A Complete Guide and Workout,” Book Featured By the WSJ

Your Best Brain Ever: A Complete Guide and Workout was selected by the Wall Street Journal in the category of “top guides to life after 50 for 2013.” The WSJ featured books that brought tested strategies and sound advice about how to live healthier, happier lives in the year-and years-ahead.  We are excited to announce that our expert on brain health, Dr. Cynthia Green, is the co-author of of the featured book.

On the topic of Mental Gymnastics they had this to say: And don’t forget to exercise your mind. “Our brain’s health may be the most powerful indicator of how long you will live,” begins Your Best Brain Ever: A Complete Guide and Workout is a research-filled yet highly approachable guide to the scientific why and the practical how of keeping your brain in top shape whatever your age.
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Three Tips For Managing Holiday Expectations

Holiday expectationsThe holidays are a time when we have visions of sugar plums (as well as car commercials in which husbands buy their wives European luxury vehicles topped with big, shiny, red bows) dancing in our heads. It is a time loaded with expectations, and not the reasonable variety. Yes, our kids might write a three-page letter to Santa outlining all of their Christmas requests, and we see that their needs are a bit excessive. However, very often we have similar laundry lists of expectations that impact our ability to enjoy the season. Did I lose you there? Did you just say to yourself: but Tracey, all I want is to be with my family and be happy?
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Stress Relief: Write Your Way To Holiday Peace

Despite the fact that life tends to get busier during the holidays, it can be a great time to make or renew your commitment to keeping a journal. Strong emotions tend to come up during the holidays and writing about them can help you process what’s going on, understand what you are feeling, and come to terms with it. It’s a fantastic stress reliever and often leads to a deep sense of peace, even if you’re not writing about something peaceful.  The reason? As Philippa Perry says in How To Stay Sane, “Our stories give shape to our inchoate, disparate, fleeting impressions of everyday life.
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