Why Medicaid Expansion is Key Part of Health Reform

Dr. Aaron Carroll poses the following question in his latest article on CNN.com. “For the sake of argument, let’s assume the health care law will not be stripped down by a new president and Congress. In which case, we need to start asking an important question: What will happen with Medicaid?”

He goes on to say that “Many Americans still don’t understand how Medicaid works. The biggest misperception is that Medicaid is a universal health care program for all poor people. That’s just not true. Many people with little to no income do not qualify for Mediaid.” His further discussion delivers a clear well thought out overview of Medicaid and how the Affordable Care Act will affect its future,  in both service and cost.  He concludes with “So, for the moment, we will wait. On November 7, we will have a better idea of whether the Affordable Care Act will stand. And maybe then, we’ll be able to get to work.”  Read the complete article.