Creating Healthy Communities

Today’s healthcare model is based on intervention (we diagnose illness and prescribe treatment). The future of healthcare rests in the ability of community to provide for prevention of disease. To be cost effective and provide wellness for every individual, communities will need to be creative. Healthcare in the future will be provided in schools, after-school programs, senior centers designed to keep people healthy and a host of other venues that will be established as part of a wellness community in both rural and urban areas. There is a large pool of healing resources and practitioners in communities that can be mobilized to create a network focused on keeping people healthy. Be the leader in your community to start the wellness model and create a healthy environment for your city, town, and ultimately America. Dr. Carl Hammerschlag is an expert in healing, leadership and authenticity & surviving in rapidly changing times.  His focus on creating healing communities is a top platform presentation he delivers across America to standing ovation audiences. He believes “When we heal in community it actually makes a healthy outcome more likely, because everyone has a stake in the outcome.” Call us to schedule a phone meeting with Dr. Hammerschlag to discuss his speaking for your organization.  Visit Speakers On Healthcare for more ideas on healing in community.