Employee Engagement & Service in Healthcare

In a recent article in Outpatient Surgery, Kenny Ellinger, RN, ADN, administrator of the Surgi-Center of Central Virginia in Fredericksburg, VA says, “Each interaction we have each day with patients and the members of their families has an impact. So it’s worthwhile for those interactions to be positive ones. ” Mr. Ellinger endorsed and encouraged this mindset since reading a motivational book his QA nurse brought him from a conference.inspired by one of our top rated speakers, Mark Sanborn, author of The Fred Factor: How Passion in Your Work and Life Can Turn the Ordinary into the Extraordinary. Mr. Ellinger is working on getting the rest of his staff on board. He bought 25 copies to lend out in order to start a book discussion group at the facility. Staff members are invited to read the book and join their fellow co-workers at a local restaurant for a private-room dinner, and discussion about how its lessons can benefit the facility, its patients and its physicians.

The book looks at what happens to your work, workplace and life when you’re truly engaged in the job you do and the people you serve. “It really spoke to me,” says Mr. Ellinger. “Golden-rule-type stuff they taught us as children that we might have forgotten, but it still holds true.”

We challenge other work teams to come together and create an environment that fosters employee engagement and service. Read the article and preview a photo of the Team members at the Surgi-Center of Central Virginia.

Preview information about Mark Sanborn and The Fred Factor.