Make Your Patient Service Monogrammed

Chip Bell, customer service loyalty speaker, consultant and author of the recently released The 91/2 Principles of Innovative Service provided a unique style of service in his September 2013 Caring Magazine article. We are printing an excerpt from the article that is applicable for our readers.  Chip says: Customers love “monogrammed” service.  It signals your deep devotion to them and your sincere respect for their uniqueness.  Monogramming service requires time and care; it cannot be a knee-jerk or fast-track response.  It is distinctive to your customer and it must always be authentic. Every year I get my annual physical.  It always starts with blood work preceded by overnight fasting. I am a huge fan of flavored coffee and some time ago my doctor put in a Keurig coffee maker that allows you to brew a single cup of coffee in a flavor monogrammed to the receiver. As soon as Nurse Julie takes two vials of my blood, she steps outside and moments later returns with a cup of coffee.  When she warmly says, “I believe you like French vanilla black,” Nurse Julie becomes Saint Julie.

How do you “monogram” your service for your patients?  Monogramming is about remembering and making it matter.

Invite Chip Bell to your organization to create your “Monogrammed Service” and watch your patients’ devotion elevate and their advocacy for you inspire everyone in their reach.