C-Suite Against Cancer

On a recent flight, I was perusing the in-flight magazine and was intrigued with the article by the above title, written by Stephanie Taylor.  In it, she asked Ronald Nelson, chairman and CEO of Avis Budget Group and a member of CEOs Against Cancer three questions.   One, in particular, caught my eye: “What are some of the anticancer initiatives you have implemented at Avis Budget?” Mr. Nelson responded with: “All of our facilities in the U.S. are now tobacco free.  If you are a smoker in our health care plan, you pay a premium.  If you don’t want to pay that premium, you have to agree to sign up for a smoking cessation program.  We are very proud of our success rate; about 60 percent of people who sign up for the program quit smoking.  We also have Biggest Loser contests to encourage people to lose weight.  We provide employees with mammograms, Pap smears and physical exams free of charge.  We offer discounts at health clubs and healthy menus in our cafeteria.”  Thank you, Mr. Nelson and CEOs across the U.S. for advocating for wellness and prevention in your respective organizations.  The future of healthcare in the U.S. rests in the ability of community to provide for prevention of disease.