Improving Health & Well-Being in the Workforce

Earlier this year I attended an event on Health & Wellness called “360 Degrees of Healthy,” where Dr. Travis Stork was keynoting and I was introduced to another presenter David Hoke from Walmart. David has spent the last 20+ years focusing on measurably improving the health and well-being of the workforce and its impact on business performance. With his permission, I have included my top 5 take-aways from his speech, believing it would be helpful to others looking to create an atmosphere of wellness in their organizations:

~ Well-being is bigger than physical health

~ Build a movement – don’t offer a program

~ People follow people – not information

~ Trust + Authentic + Relevant = Results

~ Health is contagious

And to cap off his presentation he said: “Healthcare is NOT the answer, Healthy Living is!” Kudos, to David Hoke, and others who are tackling the wellness and prevention model for our communities.

DAVID HOKE is the SR Director Associate Health and Well-being, Walmart. If you are interested in executives from the workplace delivering a keynote for your upcoming event, check out our speakers at, call Jo at 503-345-9164 ext 1, or email here to discuss your next meeting. She will share her top 3 choices of speakers for your event, based on your topic and budget.