Technology and Healthcare Join Forces to Promote Prevention & Wellness

It’s not unlikely to find someone in our office marching in place so that he/she can gain a few steps over another person in the office who has held the most steps in a week – for 10 weeks in a row!  In case you aren’t familiar with Fitbit, it is “a wireless activity tracker that makes every step you take a step toward better fitness”-a quote taken right from the box it is shipped in.

It seems technology and healthcare are continuing to deliver monitoring devices to assist individuals in controlling the prevention of disease and increasing the wellness community. Walking through the airport this past month, clocking in my Fitbit steps, I found myself seated and ready for take-off, airline magazine in hand and focused on an article titled: “Stress Test: Keep Tabs On Your Wellness Wherever You Are.”

The article featured, Tinké. The pocket-size square that is compatible with iGadgets and employs two health-summarizing scales.  Just one touch on this mobile monitoring device will measure your heart and respiratory rates, blood oxygen saturation, and heart rate variability. If your reading points to rising stress, Tinké will guide you through a controlled breathing exercise to get you back to your happy place before entering the boardroom.  Heading to a high-stakes meeting but feeling a little off? Gearing up for a big day but wondering why your energy is a no-show? Move over Fitbit-make room for Tinké!

SPEAKERS ON HEALTHCARE features speakers and industry experts passionate about delivering a keynote address on technology and the impact on the future of prevention and wellness in healthcare.  One of our speakers, Jim Carroll, a leading international futurist, trends and innovation expert, dedicates his time to helping people and organizations understand how they can aggressively adopt tomorrow – today.


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