Speakers On Healthcare and the speakers we represent focus on health, wellness and prevention of disease as our first priority.  Many of our speakers offer healthy meeting tips for the audiences they address.  We wanted to share some of those activities with meeting planners encouraging them to incorporate health into each of the meetings they plan.  Here are a few examples:

~Invite an exercise guru to provide 10-15 minutes of active participation to break up the meeting times where sitting for long periods of time can put the mind to sleep!  One mid-morning and one mid-afternoon is ideal.

~Look at the meals being served your attendees and use the following portion: 1/4 of the plate protein; 1/4 of the plate whole grains; 1/2 of the plate vegetables and fruits.  Limit the snacks to healthy treats, including fresh fruit: bananas, apples, grapes, oranges, clementines, or cut-up melons or pineapple; raw vegetables – if dip is needed, consider providing non-fat or low-fat dips, salsa, mustard, or even hummus spread; pretzels, or hot pretzels cut in pieces; provide mustard; individual portion packs of nut butters (almond, walnut, cashew preferred) – as a spread for bagels, crackers, fruit or pretzels; low-fat cheese or string cheese; small containers of low-fat, low-sugar yogurt; granola bars – low-fat (5 grams of fat or less/bar) and low in sugar (not the first ingredient); whole wheat bagels cut in fourths; serve with low fat cream cheese; light popcorn (lightly salted and low in fat); whole grain crackers; small packages of dried fruit or trail mix; and roasted nuts – preferably lightly salted, or with no salt.

~ Offer one AM and one PM stress exercise during the day.  Provide “turn-down” packets in each of the attendee’s rooms with tips for a restful sleep and an AM wake-up exercise.

~ Brain teasers printed on a table card is a great mixer at meal times when attendees may be joining folks they have not met and also offers a brain boost!

SPEAKERS ON HEALTHCARE offers healthy meeting tips and suggests speakers for your next meeting who incorporate these ideas into their speeches.  Give us a call for ideas for your next meeting.  503-345-9164 and press “1” for Jo.  Or email her at Jo@SpeakersOnHealthcare.com.

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